Android Market May Beat Apple Store in The End of This Year

It seems Tablet PC related business is works base on the other success. Last time, I write about how the Apple iPad success attracts many vendors to challenge that Apple’s big success. And now, The Amazon Kindle success seems also attract the challengers. Indeed, the entire Tablet PCs can be said as Amazon Kindle challengers but only a half challengers since Tablet PCs still use Amazon e-Book store as their e-Book source. Therefore Tablet PCs are not a real challenge for Amazon e-Book business for sure. And now, the real challenge has been came.

The challenge is from the big Google with its Google e-Book Store. Google E-book Store allows users to read Google eBooks by using Web, Android devices (cell phone and Tablet PC), Apple Mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch), and other supported eReaders. It is said that Google e-Book Store utilizes the cloud computing feature for easy Google eBooks access via different ways and devices. Users need to download and install the free Google eBooks apps before able to access Google E-book store from their e-readers.

Here the free Google eBooks apps features:

  • Information about book
  • Adjust text size, typeface, line space
  • Free samples of books
  • Worry-free archive

Google e-Book Store is armed by 15 millions printed books and around 4.000 publishers. There are many well-known publisher that supported Google e-Book Store such as CBS Corp.’s Simon & Schuster Inc., Random House Inc., and Pearson PLC’s Penguin Group. These means that users can find these three well-known publishers Book in Google e-Book Store. However Google still need to wait for U.S. publishers and authors class-action settlement result before can run the Google e-Book store with full gear.

The class-action is done because afraid that the big e-Book army behind Google e-Book Store may lead to electronic books business monopoly as well as copyright law abusing. Amazon.com is including in the class-action to protect their Books business. Also that, it seems Google e-Book Store really targets the Amazon e-Book business since the Google e-Book is not available for Amazon Kindle e-readers. No wonder that Amazon.com includes in the class-action for Google e-Book store.

Despite the class-action, it seems Google e-Book Store has a good prospect since the electronic books business is growth rapidly. The statistic says that electronic books selling will hits $1 billion in U.S. This year and will be growth to $1.7 billion in 2010. The growth will be supported by e-Readers and Tablet PCs rapid growth in my opinion. As we knew, e-Readers and Tablet PCs will start hit the market very hard in the next year while this year already made its initial success (the sales is predicted 15 millions sales this end year).

It seems Google also take the Tablet PCs as consideration to finally start the Google e-Book Store. It is natural since many Tablet PCs use Google’s Android OS as Operating System. It means Android powered Tablet PC users can hope that Google eBooks app with Google e-Book Store service will be default application in future. Google e-Book Store has been started in this one year by including the books that no longer protected under copyright law. In full gear, Google e-Book Store is surely a big challenge for Amazon electronic books store, the Kindle.

Google e-Book Store offers the seamless eBooks reading experience on mobile devices such as cell phones and Tablet PC. Users eBooks is stored in Google account which includes the page position and devices synchronization so can easily continue their stopped reading. Please note that Google e-Book Store offers both of Paid and Free eBooks. It is possible since Google e-Book Store partners with so many publishers and authors world-wide. Users can hope a most complete e-Book Store in the world with this Google e-Book Store.

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