Amazon Drops its Kindle E-Reader Price for On-Screen Ads

Now, Users can get Amazon Kindle E-reader for cheaper price as long as they allow on-screen ads on it. This special Amazon Kindle offering will cost around USD114 which is USD25 cheaper than the current Kindle’s lowest-price. The on-screen advertisement will be appeared on the bottom of Amazon Kindle’s home page and screen savers. Starting from May 3rd, 2011, this low-cost Kindle will be available for shipment for Seattle-based Amazon.

This low-price Amazon Kindle will be also available on Target and Best Buy stores on the same time with its shipment availability. Until now, Amazon has gradually lower its Kindle price from its launching price in 2007, USD399. It is interesting to see this on-scree ads strategy since it is the first time Amazon Kindle has its on-screen ads. It seems this lower price with on-screen as trade-off is a way to make Amazon Kindle available for more people.

It means that Amazon has started to play with number for its Amazon Kindle now. Yeah, with the lower price, it is surely that more people will have capability to buy Amazon Kindle which may lead Amazon Kindle E-reader into next level of popularity. In my opinion, this cheaper Amazon Kindle strategy is the answer of Amazon for Apple iPad 2 in specially and Tablet PCs in generally. With fast growth of Tablet PC business (which can also act as E-reader), no wonder that Amazon become more aggressive to sell its Amazon Kindle E-reader.

It is true that some customers may not want the Advertising on its Kindle but Amazon believes that majority customers will accept it as long as the buying price is cheaper than usual. As initial, the low-cost Kindle’s screen saver will advertise General Motors Co.’s Bick car brand, payment processor Visa Inc JPMorgan Chase & Co’s Amazon.com Reward Visa Card , and Procter & Gamble Co.’s Olay cosmetics brand.

The advertising numbers will increase in future for sure if this initial advertiser reports the success for its Kindle advertising. Beside the on-screen ads, this lower price Kindle heritages the entire features of the usual Kindle such as WiFi or 3G mobile broadband support. The display is the 6 inches diagonal “electronic ink” screen. The storage capacity is enough for 3.500 Kindle E-books. Amazon also states that the Ads will be not shown up on Kindle books to maintain the reading experience.

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