78% Tablet PC Selling is Done by Apple iPad

Even thought Samsung did good selling on Samsung Galaxy Tab but for now, Apple is still the king of the Tablet PC selling with its iPad Tablets. It means that Apple iPad which leads the good Tablet PC business march. ChangeWave Research had done research that include around 1.600 IT purchasing for companies and found that many companies has IT budget for Tablet PC purchasing. It is said that 7 percent have bought Tablet PC for their employee and 14 percent will buy Tablet PC for their employee.

What’s a good business growth, right?

No wonder, this year (especially on the fourth quarter) there are many PC and Mobile vendors have announced their Tablet PC. Thanks to Apple owner vision so Apple iPad take the lead because iPad is the first Tablet PC available. Apple iPad is available since April and has taken domination on Tablet PC market with 78% market shares. In the second place, there is Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet PC which come after the success of Apple iPad.

However, the current market shares do not tell the real competition yet since Samsung Galaxy Tab was launched on October. Also that, many announced Tablet PC will hit the market in next year. So, the real competition will be shown up in the end of next year. But, for now, let’s salute the Apple iPad which has opened the Tablet PC road and still maintain its domination on the market. It is also said that many potential Tablet PC buyers plan to buy Apple iPad.

The other potential Tablet PC buyers plan to buy Dell Streak, RIM BlackBerry PlayBook, HP Slate, and Samsung Galaxy Tab. The research also said that for business usage, iPads are 82 percent, HP Slates are 11 percent, and Dell Streaks are 7 percent. It is also said that the most users satisfaction is for Apple iPad. Tablet PC business is also improve the internet usage since the Tablet PC users mostly use their Tablets to access the internet (web browsing, Emailing, and Telecommuting).

Another usage of Tablet PCs is for sales support which is natural since sales is mobile now days. Tablet PCs is surely a perfect tool for sales man/woman to compromise the mobile sales needs. With this all good report of Tablet PC business growth, it is possible that Tablet PC will replace laptop in near future. And for now, the most popular Tablet PC, Apple iPad takes the leads for this good Tablet PC march to change the future of Computer business – especially the laptop and netbook business.

Even though, in the beginning, Apple iPad was intended as “a Kindle killer” but for now, it seems that Apple iPad has evoluted become “a laptop/netbook killer”. However, the current Apple iPad leading is not for so long if Apple do not improve the iPad future since other Tablet PCs try to bring more features. May be the Apple iPad 2 will be the answer for this challenge.

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