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Apple iPad 3G Will Be Officially in China Soon

Finally, there is a good news for China based Apple iPad 3G fans. It is because Apple iPad 3G has officially passed the China regulation which means Apple iPad 3G is on the way to be sold in China Market. It is said that Apple iPad 3G will be sold by China Unicom, the second largest mobile telecommunication carriers in China. As in other country (except in USA with its AT&T and Verizon), China Unicom got the exclusive contract from Apple. The selling will be done in corporation with Apple China.

Apple iPad 3G has been listed on the China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology approval list with code number A1337. So far. Apple and China Unicorm refuses to comment about this good news but many credible sources. It is said that Apple and China Unicorn refuse to comment yet since Apple iPad 3G must still face several other tests to finally really able to hit the China mobile devices market. As for your information, currently, the apple iPad model that available in China is the iPad WiFi.

The iPad WiFi has been sold 125.000 units during its launching which is surely a good sign that Apple iPad 3G will reach its popularity in China. However, with so many Apple iPad copycats available in China, the Apple iPad 3G success prediction can still be questionable. Also that, it seems already too late since now, the issue is about Apple iPad 4G. Another hindrance may be the hight tax of 3G in China. However, if China Unicorm can offer better quality via their 3G networks, I think Apple iPad 3G can still reach the selling success.

Many said that actually, Apple iPad 3G has been reached the China market for so long via the black market but the official Apple iPad 3G availability is still a good news. It is said that Apple iPad 3G has adopt the WCDMA/WLAN data terminals specification to be approved by China Ministry. Even though there is no official announcing yet but some sources say that it is the Apple iPad 3G + WiFi which will be shipped to the China Market.

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