YEPO 737A Notebook review

Recipe a good and cheap laptop from YEPO: Take Apollo and a well-proven N3450 processor, RAM (6Gb) and integrated (128GB) memory. We add a secret ingredient that greatly improves performance and performance over a similar device. We make a masterpiece in a nice aluminum case and decorate a 13.3 “full-resolution IPS display, highlighting the affordable price and ready!
And now seriously. Now there are several models of compact laptops from different brands with similar hardware and the competition is quite high. But for all the factors, the YEPO 737A is considered the best in its class. Why? That’s what I’m going to tell you about today’s review. In short, the main benefits are: reasonable price, compact size, enough for comfortable memory handling (6Gb + 128GB), good durability, good screen, excellent cooling and the same “secret ingredient” that increases productivity a little later. I would call the perfect laptop, and quite frankly, it is very close to it, but still a few embarrassing bugs deprive it of this status. However, it is very good, and in some ways even better than the more expensive models.


Here it is useful to clarify that I chose the best version with 128 GB of internal memory. If you want to save a lot, you can take the 64 Gb version, which is already being sold. It’s true that the EMMC read/write speed in the 64 Gb version is significantly lower than 128 Gb – this should be taken into account. If you then buy an SSD and put it in the system – there’s no reason to pay for an overpayment, take the bold version of 64 Gb. But without a memory extension, there will definitely be a more fun version of 128 GB.

The 13.3-inch screen diagonal is the gold medal, especially if the laptop is planned to be used not only at home but outside. The small size allows you to carry it with you, just a small bag over the shoulder or the folder. It’s easy to work with icons and fonts – large size, resolution 1920×1080 pixels, high detail. For example, his competitor – Chuwi 12.3 screen resolution of 2K and at first glance this seems an advantage. The details are a bit better, but the difference is actually only visible in a direct comparison. But because of the excessive resolution everything on the desktop is very small and you need to turn on zooming. But some apps, mostly old – do not support scaling, making the fonts only tiny. In general, the resolution of 2K on such screens is questionable, and in addition, this increases the load on the already weak video card. With Full HD there are no such issues, and at the same time everything looks very good, it’s not grainy.

Since the increase in the macro increases, the sub pixel structure becomes visible. It corresponds to the IPS matrix, which is actually referenced in the description. Viewing angles both vertically and horizontally are high and allow you to fully use your laptop at any place. There is no distortion of colors and inversion even at acute angles.

The display range small side – a little more than 1 cm, the best – 1.5 cm in the corners glued rubber pads, which are a kind of stops and prevent scratching the screen and the body in a fully closed position.

The image quality is high, nothing to complain about – a good level of brightness, bright colors, high contrast. The screen was checked for broken pixels and other matrix defects, nothing found. Highlights of black background are missing, which is extremely surprising because we have a budget model. Even Chuwi Air, which costs another hundred, has a huge light problem, but it’s not like that. Maybe I’m lucky a copy? But I have not seen any complaints at the forums either. I had to check the PWM screen, as well as use a pencil test and with the help of the jitter reduction camera. PWM is only available at the minimum brightness thresholds and is most pronounced at a brightness of 0%.
Further, when it drops, it drops, and now with about 30% the brightness disappears completely. The room typically places 50% brightness, this is enough for a comfortable job. With high brightness on outdoor lighting or on the street, you can safely place 75% and even 100% brightness on the screen. Since there is no flickering at a brightness level above 30%, the eyes do not get tired of long-term work. I can sit for hours on the laptop, work with the text without consequences in the form of headaches and fatigue of the eyes.

The next moment is games. That’s why the computer is very weak and will not work on modern hit titles. Even games over 5 years will be tricky, for example, I tried to work on it FarCry 3 and even the minimum graphic settings fps is a low tap, it will not work. But that does not mean the game does not work, this processor is already studying far and wide, and I write a short list of games that I play and play with frame rate per second:
Tank world (computer version): Graphics settings are minimal, fps is about 30.
BLITZ Tank World: The graphical settings are maximum, fps 40 – 60.
The strategy of all times and nations – Civilization 5: The graphical settings are low, fps 25-40.
Space Rangers HD: The graphical settings are maximum, fps 35 – 60.
Serious Sam HD: The graphics settings are high, fps 30-60.

You can also send Half-Life 2, Stalker, Wolfenstein and others. For simpler games such as Heroes Power and Magic (parts 3 to 6 inclusive), old strategies such as Red Alert 2 and Star Craft 2 said nothing because they are moving weaker atomic tablets. In general, you can find something to have fun, but the games here play an almost final role. Still, the laptop is made for simpler tasks. He is ideal as an assistant during business trips, it is easy to wear. For the same reason, this is a good choice for students. My script for using this laptop works in a text editor, works with Internet browsers, watches videos (online and offline) and works with video editors. Yes – yes, yes, do not be surprised – the laptop works perfectly with Sony Vegas and the like. Perhaps someone will want to mount the video after the rest or like me – make a video for your YouTube channel. This is quite realistic and not as long as you think. For example, I’ve created a 10-minute test project (if you have a longer video, you can easily calculate the expected rendering time) in which the common tasks mentioned: Splicing Video Clips (1080p 30fps \ blending, transition effects, audio editing, adding video and photo upload, and audio tracks and background music.

Conclusion YEPO 737A
We have a great low cost, compact laptop. I totally confidently say that he has his money and even more. Of course, this is not a MacBook at the YEPO 737A assembly you may notice minor flaws – there is a claim to space (at the edges of your poor sensitivity, it is necessary to push harder or closer to the center) and the lid does not open with one hand . But its price is several times smaller. The design is cool, although aluminum is used only for exterior decoration, and the inside is a plastic skeleton. Compact, thin, lightweight – will fit both the classic use, the table, the sofa and the road. I liked enough touchpad, many netbooks in the price category of the budget do not have enough. The screen is bright, juicy, with good viewing angles. productivity due to the increase in TDP and good cooling system is much higher than that of rivals of such a gland and this is an emphasis that makes it more interesting. For some problems, it is 40% more powerful! The built-in battery provides good autonomy. In fact, I did not find any special disadvantages, given the cost during the tests.

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