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Review: MobiScribe Wave 7.8″ E-Book Reader

Review: MobiScribe Wave 7.8″ E-Book Reader

Hey y’all, today we’re diving into the world of e-book readers with the MobiScribe Wave 7.8″ E-Book Reader. This sleek and stylish device is perfect for all you bookworms out there who love to read, write, and sketch on the go. The glare-free paper-like display makes reading a breeze, even in bright sunlight, and the 64GB of storage means you can carry your entire library with you wherever you go. Plus, the waterproof design means you can take your MobiScribe Wave to the beach or pool without worrying about water damage. With Bluetooth capabilities and a handy stylus included, this e-book reader is a versatile tool for all your creative and literary needs. And the added cover ensures that your device stays safe and protected while you’re on the move. Stay tuned for our in-depth review of the MobiScribe Wave 7.8″ E-Book Reader!

Hey there, fellow bookworms and ‌tech enthusiasts! ⁣Today, we’re diving⁣ into the world of e-book readers with the MobiScribe Wave – Black & White |⁤ 7.8″ 64GB Waterproof E-Book Reader. If you’re someone who loves to ⁢read, write, or sketch on the go, then this might just ⁣be the perfect device for you.‍ With its glare-free paper-like display, Bluetooth capability, and​ included stylus and ​cover, the MobiScribe Wave offers a versatile and convenient‌ way to indulge in⁤ your favorite activities. Stick around as‌ we take a closer look at‌ its features, performance, and‍ overall ⁣value. Let’s get started!

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Review: MobiScribe Wave 7.8

When it⁣ comes to the of the MobiScribe Wave, ​you can expect nothing short of ​exceptional. The glare-free paper-like ⁤E-Ink Carta with a resolution of 1404 x 1872 pixels ⁣and 300 ppi provides a⁤ truly ⁢immersive reading, writing, and sketching experience. The high resolution ensures that text and ​images are crisp and⁤ clear, while the paper-like ‍ reduces eye strain, making it ⁢perfect for extended ⁢reading sessions.

The pressure-sensitive⁣ screen⁢ with 4096 levels ⁢allows for realistic writing ⁢and drawing, giving you the freedom to express ⁤yourself in your own personal style. Whether ‍you’re jotting down notes, sketching, or simply ⁣reading, the MobiScribe Wave’s ⁢ delivers⁤ a natural and seamless experience. Plus, the fact that it’s fully waterproof with an IPX7 rating means that you can take your ‍Wave with you wherever your next adventure takes you, without having ⁣to worry about⁢ damage from water or moisture. ⁤

Key Features of the :

– Glare-free paper-like‍ E-Ink Carta
-⁢ 1404 x 1872 pixels ⁣resolution
– 300 ppi for crisp and⁤ clear‍ text and images
– Pressure-sensitive screen ‌with 4096⁣ levels for realistic writing and drawing
– Fully waterproof with ⁤an IPX7 rating


Review: MobiScribe Wave 7.8

When ⁤it comes to the life of the ⁢MobiScribe Wave, you won’t be​ disappointed. The 2500mAH provides long-lasting power,⁢ allowing⁢ you to read, ⁢write, and sketch for extended periods ‍without having to constantly recharge. ‌This is especially convenient for those who ​are always on ​the go and need a reliable device that⁢ can ⁣keep up with their‍ busy lifestyle. ⁤With‌ the MobiScribe Wave, ⁤you can enjoy‍ uninterrupted use without the‌ hassle of frequent charging.

Key ⁤Features:

– 2500mAH for long-lasting power
– Allows⁢ for ⁢extended use without constant ⁢recharging
– Ideal for⁢ those ⁢with busy, on-the-go lifestyles


– ​Long life
-‌ Convenient​ for users who are⁣ always on the ⁣go
– ⁤Reliable and hassle-free


– None ⁤to mention, the life is ⁣a standout feature ⁤of the MobiScribe Wave


Review: MobiScribe‍ Wave 7.8

If‍ you’re looking for an e-book reader that can do it all,⁤ the MobiScribe Wave is a great ​option. With its 64GB⁤ of internal storage, you’ll have plenty of space​ for all your favorite books, ‍as well as any⁤ notes or sketches you want to ⁣make. The glare-free paperwhite e-ink display‍ makes reading a pleasure, and the pressure-sensitive screen with 4096 levels allows⁢ for realistic‍ writing and drawing. Plus, the⁤ fact that⁣ it’s ‍fully waterproof with an IPX7 rating means you can take it with you on ⁢all your adventures without worrying about damage.

Key ⁢Features:

  • 64GB of internal storage
  • Glare-free paperwhite e-ink display
  • Pressure-sensitive screen with ‍4096 levels
  • Fully ​waterproof ‌with an IPX7 rating


CPU Quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 1.5GHz
System ⁤RAM 4GB
Internal Storage 64GB
Dimensions 5.84 x 7.6 x 0.32in
Interface USB-C
System Android 12
Display E-Ink‍ Carta – ‍1404 x⁤ 1872 pixels – ⁤300 ppi
Battery 2500mAH

With built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, you can easily connect to⁢ the internet and other devices, and the built-in speaker means you can even listen to audiobooks. Whether you’re reading, journaling, or sketching, the MobiScribe Wave has everything you ⁣need for a great experience.

The⁢ accessories

Review: MobiScribe Wave 7.8

When it comes to accessories, the MobiScribe‍ Wave comes fully equipped to enhance your reading, writing, and sketching experience. The package includes a stylus and a cover, providing everything you need to get‌ started right out of the box. The​ stylus is pressure sensitive, with 4096 levels, allowing ⁢for realistic writing and drawing in your own ⁣personal‍ style. This means you can jot down ⁤notes or sketch out ideas​ with ​precision and ease. The cover adds an ​extra layer‍ of protection⁣ to your device, keeping it safe from⁤ scratches and bumps ⁣while on the go.

What’s‍ Included:

-‌ Stylus
– Cover

With the included ⁣stylus, you can write ⁣and draw as naturally as you do on paper, making the MobiScribe Wave a versatile tool for journaling, ‌note-taking, and creative expression. The cover not⁢ only protects your device ⁤but⁢ also adds a ⁤touch⁢ of style, making‍ it a sleek and functional accessory. Plus, with the⁢ added convenience ⁤of Bluetooth connectivity and a‌ built-in speaker, the MobiScribe Wave is designed⁣ to be your go-to device for all⁢ your reading, writing, and‌ sketching ⁣needs.

Specs⁢ and Performance

Review: MobiScribe Wave 7.8

When it comes to , ‍the MobiScribe Wave E-Book Reader ⁣truly stands out. With a fully waterproof and IPX7 rating, this device ⁣can accompany you on all your adventures‍ without any worries. The pressure-sensitive screen‌ with 4096 levels allows for realistic⁤ writing and drawing, giving you the freedom to express ‌yourself in your own ⁣personal style. ‌Additionally, the built-in Wifi and Bluetooth capabilities, along with​ the built-in speaker, make ⁢this e-book reader a versatile and convenient device⁢ for all ‍your reading, ⁢writing, and sketching needs.

Here’s a breakdown of the key features⁤ of the MobiScribe Wave‌ E-Book Reader:

– Fully waterproof with​ an IPX7 rating
– Pressure-sensitive ⁢screen with 4096 levels for ​realistic writing and‍ drawing
– ⁤Built-in Wifi and Bluetooth capabilities
– ⁣Built-in speaker for audio playback
– Quad-core ⁢ARM Cortex-A53 1.5GHz CPU
– ⁤4GB system RAM and ‌64GB internal​ storage
– Dimensions: 5.84⁤ x 7.6 x 0.32in
– ⁤Interface: USB-C
– System: Android 12
– E-Ink Carta display with ⁢1404 x 1872 pixels and 300 ppi
– 2500mAH battery

With these impressive features, the MobiScribe Wave E-Book ​Reader delivers a seamless and enjoyable reading, writing, and sketching experience. Whether you’re journaling⁢ on the go or simply relaxing with a ‍good book, this device is designed to meet all ⁤your digital reading ⁢and creative​ needs.


Review: MobiScribe Wave 7.8

MobiScribe Wave – Black⁢ & White⁢ | 7.8″ 64GB Waterproof E-Book Reader Review

If you’re ⁤looking​ for an e-book ​reader that allows ​you to read, write, and sketch, the MobiScribe Wave is a great option ‍to consider. The glare-free paper-like display makes it easy ⁤to read in any lighting ⁣conditions, and⁢ the waterproof feature ‌(IPX7 rated) means you⁤ can take ⁣it ⁢with ‍you on all your adventures without worrying about damage⁣ from water.

The pressure-sensitive screen​ with 4096 levels allows for realistic writing and ‌drawing, giving you the freedom to express ⁢yourself in your own personal style. With built-in ⁢Wifi and ⁤Bluetooth, you can easily⁢ connect to the⁢ internet and other devices,⁢ and the built-in speaker adds another layer of functionality to the device. The 64GB⁤ internal storage provides ample space for all your e-books, notes, and sketches, and the long-lasting battery ensures that you ‍can ⁣use the MobiScribe Wave for extended periods ⁣without needing to constantly recharge.⁢

Key Features:

– Glare-free paper-like display
– Waterproof (IPX7 rated)
– Pressure-sensitive screen with ⁤4096 levels
– Built-in Wifi and‍ Bluetooth
– Built-in speaker
– 64GB internal storage
– Long-lasting battery

Overall, the MobiScribe Wave is a versatile and reliable e-book reader that offers a range​ of features⁤ for reading,‌ writing, and sketching. Whether you’re a student, professional, or creative individual,⁣ this device‍ has something to‌ offer for everyone.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Review: MobiScribe Wave 7.8
Customer Reviews Analysis:

The MobiScribe Wave 7.8″ E-Book Reader ​has received a mix of positive and negative ⁣reviews‌ from customers. Many customers appreciate the device for its lightweight design, waterproof feature, and high definition b&w 300ppi plastic screen. The long battery life and well-designed user interface are also highlighted⁣ as positive aspects. However, ‍some customers have expressed ‍disappointment with the absence ⁤of the advertised ⁤case, ⁢slow processing speed, ⁤and issues with the pen’s performance. The waterproof feature was praised by some ​customers, while others reported difficulties with⁢ the⁢ device in​ humid environments. The price ‌point​ and the potential for future improvements are also mentioned in the reviews.‍ Overall, the customer reviews indicate​ that the MobiScribe ​Wave 7.8″ E-Book Reader has both strengths and areas for improvement.

Pros & Cons

1. Waterproof design: The MobiScribe Wave is‌ fully waterproof‌ with an IPX7 rating, ‌allowing you to take ⁢it on your ‌outdoor adventures‍ without worrying about water damage.
2. Versatile‌ functionality: This e-book reader is not just for reading, but also for writing and ⁤sketching. With a ⁤pressure-sensitive screen and 4096 levels of sensitivity, you can create realistic drawings ⁢and write in your own personal⁣ style.
3. Glare-free paper-like display: The glare-free paperwhite e-ink display provides a comfortable reading experience, just like reading on real paper. The⁣ display‌ is easy ​on the eyes,⁣ even in bright sunlight.
4. Ample storage: ⁢With⁣ 64GB of internal storage, you can store a ‍vast library of e-books, documents, ​and ⁤sketches without worrying⁣ about running out of space.
5. Connectivity options:‌ The ⁢MobiScribe Wave is equipped with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth,⁢ allowing you to easily‍ connect to the internet⁣ and transfer files wirelessly. It also has a built-in speaker for audio playback.
6. ​Powerful performance: The quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 1.5GHz CPU and 4GB of system RAM ensure smooth and responsive performance, whether you’re reading, writing, or sketching.
7.⁣ Compact and ‍portable: With dimensions of 5.84 x 7.6 x 0.32in,⁤ the ​MobiScribe‌ Wave​ is compact and lightweight, making it easy to ‌carry around and use on the go.
8. Long battery life: The 2500mAH battery⁣ provides long-lasting power,⁢ allowing ‌you to enjoy hours⁤ of reading,⁢ writing,‌ and sketching without needing to recharge frequently.

1. Limited color⁤ options: ⁢The MobiScribe⁢ Wave is only⁤ available in black and white, which may not​ appeal to those ​who prefer ⁤more vibrant color options.
2. Limited app selection:​ Although​ the ⁤device runs on Android ​12, the​ availability of apps may be limited‌ compared to other Android devices. ⁤This could restrict the range ‍of additional ‍functions‌ and⁣ features that can be accessed.
3. Lack of expandable storage:‍ While the 64GB internal⁤ storage ⁢is generous, ‍some users may prefer⁣ the option to expand the ⁢storage capacity with a ⁢microSD⁤ card.
4. No front ⁣light: Unlike some other e-book readers, the MobiScribe ​Wave does not have a built-in ​front light, which means it may be⁣ less ​suitable for reading in low-light conditions.
5. Price: The MobiScribe ⁤Wave is priced at a higher range compared to ⁣other e-book readers on the market, which ⁢may be‍ a ⁣deterrent⁣ for budget-conscious buyers.

Overall, the MobiScribe Wave offers a versatile and ‌waterproof e-book ⁤reading experience with the added functionality of writing⁢ and sketching. Its glare-free display, ‌ample storage, and ⁤powerful performance make it a great choice for those who‌ enjoy reading and creative pursuits. However, the limited color options, app selection, lack of⁢ expandable storage,⁣ absence of a front ‌light, and higher price‌ point may be factors to consider before making a purchase.


Q: Is⁢ the MobiScribe ‌Wave⁢ 7.8″ E-Book Reader really waterproof?
A: Yes, the MobiScribe Wave is ⁣fully waterproof with an IPX7 rating, so you can take it with you on all your adventures without worrying about water damage.

Q:​ Can I⁢ write and draw on the MobiScribe Wave?
A: Absolutely! The ​pressure-sensitive screen⁤ with 4096 levels allows for realistic writing and drawing, so ​you can express your creativity in ⁤your own personal​ style.

Q: ​Does the MobiScribe Wave have built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth?
A: Yes, it does! ⁣You can easily connect to Wi-Fi for downloading books and‌ updates, and Bluetooth for connecting to ‍other devices like headphones or speakers.

Q: What is the battery ‍life like‍ on the MobiScribe⁣ Wave?
A: The MobiScribe Wave has a 2500mAH battery, which provides long-lasting power for all your reading, writing, and sketching needs.

Q: Can I use ⁣the MobiScribe Wave for reading as‌ well​ as writing and sketching?
A:⁤ Absolutely! The glare-free paperwhite e-ink display makes reading a pleasure, and the 64GB ‍of internal⁣ storage means you can carry a ‌library of books with you wherever you​ go.

Q: What ‌operating system does‌ the ⁢MobiScribe⁢ Wave ​run on?
A: The ​MobiScribe ⁢Wave runs on Android 12, giving you access ⁢to a wide range of apps and features ⁤to enhance your⁣ reading, writing, and sketching experience.

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Thanks for reading our review of the‍ MobiScribe Wave 7.8″ ‌E-Book​ Reader. ‌With its waterproof design, paper-like display, and included‍ stylus, this e-reader is perfect for reading, writing, and sketching on the‌ go. Whether you’re journaling by the pool or taking notes in a meeting,​ the MobiScribe Wave has you covered. If you’re ready to take⁢ your e-reading experience‍ to the next level, click here to get ‌your⁤ own MobiScribe Wave today!

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