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5 Best Games for iPad 2

You may already aware that this month is the month of Apple iPad 2. iPad 2 really hits its popularity right after its launch – in my opinion, it is even started before its launch. Apple iPad 2 offers several improvement if compare with its predecessor, Apple iPad. As example, the processor and graphic performance is 9 times better. Even though Apple iPad 2 features are almost similar with Apple iPad, the performance alone has enough for significant improvement in my opinion.

As you knew, Apple iPad is a good environment to play the mobile game. And now, since offers more in its processor and graphic performance, Apple iPad 2 is the best mobile game environment in my opinion. It seems the game developers has the same thought as me so they improve their games to support Apple iPad 2 specially. Here, I share 5 mobile games that has been optimized specially so can give best experience on Apple iPad 2 – the 5 best iPad 2 games:

#1. World of Goo

World of Goo is a puzzle game that created by 2D Boy. It is true that the World of Goo mobile game has been integrated with several platforms but still, the iPad version is the best as said by many people. World of Goo mobile games offers the typical game experience – start with the easy level and then the difficulty increases based on the level rank. It is said that there is an addition on World of Goog mobile game.

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#2. Dead Space for iPad

Dead Space for iPad is a iPad version of Electronics Arts (EA)’s popular PC game, Dead Space. Dead Space for iPad is a horror genre iPad game that offers high quality graphic while the horror is real. Electronics Arts has modified Dead Space for iPad so can optimum on the high performance of iPad 2.

#3. Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade mobile game is an iPad’s fighting game genre that offers good quality graphic and challenging play. Infinity Blade iPad game has chosen as the best iOS game on 2010. Infinity Blade is created by Epic and has been optimized for iPad 2′s high performance so users can get optimum experience when play it on their Apple iPad 2.

#4. Real Racing HD

Real Racing HD mobile game is an iPad racing genre game that just launched. Even though Real Racing HD is still new but its developer has been optimized it for iPad 2′s high performance. It means users can hope the optimum racing experience when play it on their iPad 2. Real Racing HD iPad game is claimed as one of the best amongs iPad 2′s racing games. The graphic is a real realistic so no wonder if the game become favorite among iPad 2 users.

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#5. Scrabble

Scrabble iPad game is the words game that entertain enough. Scrabble iPad game can be played alone or with partners. In my opinion, it is more interesting if played with partners. Scrabble iPad game is best to play to kill the time while in waiting for something. It is easy to played but still challenging enough so it is still interesting.

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